Have you ever tried to imagine the heat of the Star? Well if the answer was 'yes' then try again because there is something hotter. Now back to the serious business. In this short article I would like to talk about the record high temperature artificially reached by a man. And all of this is to do… Bring More →


What happens in our brain when we play a musical instrument such as piano? In 2006 I've finished the 7 year long piano class in "[Jaronimo Kacinsko Muzikos Mokykla][1]". Although I did not become a professional musician I still find playing the piano really satisfying. There was one question ever… Bring More →

Curiosity and Feynman I would like to begin my blog with this superb video of Feynman - the wonderful scientist of all times. I could write about him quite alot but to make it fair I will let you watch this video and I guarantee the influx of inspiraion for you while whatching it. Also I would… Bring More →