Have you ever tried to imagine the heat of the Star?
Well if the answer was 'yes' then try again because there is something hotter.

Now back to the serious business. In this short article I would like to talk about the record high temperature artificially reached by a man. And all of this is to do with the particle accelerators around the world. Well to be more specific the recent record was made in Switzerland, CERN. So let's get hot now.

Can you handle that heat

In August 2012 the CERN's Large Hadron Collider reached the highest man made temperature which is record hot not only on Earth but in fact in the whole Universe.

According to ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment - dedicated heavy-ion detector to exploit the unique physics potential of nucleus-nucleus interactions at LHC energies) physicists collided heavy lead ions at 99% speed of light ( speed of light as you should know is
299,792,458 m/s ).

The product of this collision was quark-gluon plasma (QGP) which is a special state of matter which is thought to be existed immediately after the Big Bang.
So the record temperature reached at this experiment was ~5.5 trillion Kelvins(K).

To have a better understanding of this number: It is ~100,000 times hotter than the temperature at the surface of our Sun. Although this is a current record of the highest temperature I have no doubt that we will hear some news about another record at some point.

Another interesting fact is that the maximum temperature (in theory, although not observed anywhere yet) in the whole Universe (according to the Planck temperature scale) is 1.416833(85) x 10^32 . It is thought that to reach higher temperatures than that is impossible as doing so would break the laws of physics we know today.

All in all it is pretty fascinating that we, humans, a tiny specs in this vast Space created temperatures that are higher than anywhere else we know so far.

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